Treetec provides cost effective, clearly written, fact-based tree survey reports to assist your planning application. We advise how to maximise the development potential of a site whilst minimizing the negative arboricultural impacts.

If there are trees on or near a development site then a planning application must be supported by a tree report to BS 5837:2005 undertaken by a qualified arboriculturist. This is a detailed report demonstrating that factors such as root protection areas, crown clearance, site access, changes in levels, installation of services, and material storage, have all been considered and that these items will not prove detrimental to important trees. Consideration must also be given to future issues, such as the effects of changing a surfacing material or the need to prune or remove trees at a later date because they cast excessive shade or encroach upon property. The aim of the report is to incorporate such matters in the design phase.  Consultants are frequently appointed in the mid to latter stages of the planning process after the project design has been drafted. This can often result in previously unforeseen issues coming to light, stalling a planning application. In order to get the best from our company we advise that you contact us at the outset of a development project, if it is likely that trees will be affected.    (See  10 ways to reduce your ecology costs)

All records generated can be presented in a variety of formats.  Reports for construction are usually presented with attached DWG files produced in AutoCAD using Arborcad software. Such drawings show crown size, shape and position, root protection areas, tree protection barriers and even shadow lengths. These layers can then be easily incorporated into the client’s drawings to create an overall picture of how the trees fit the site.